World of Warcraft Guides – Advantages of Using WoW Guides

Have you used a WoW guide before? Well, I was reluctant about it as well when I began to play World of Warcraft, but after a while of having butterflies in my pockets and leveling at snail speed, I began to look for improvement solutions. The best solutions I could find were in WoW guides.

However, there are pros and cons about using a guide to play World of Warcraft. So, in this post I will focus on the pros and cons of using a World of Warcraft guides.

1. If you’re using a WoW leveling guide, you will no doubt level faster. For example, I’ve been working with Zygor’s Horde leveling guide and I managed to hit the level cap in less than four days which is pretty quick I think. This WoW guide for leveling has an optimized quest path which will take you through levels flying! Most of the top World of Warcraft guides for leveling are totally in game and work like addons, so you don’t have to use alt tab all the time.

2. A World of Warcraft guide for making gold is also a great helper. Have you ever wanted a super mount? Well, the Vial of the Sands mount costs only about 37-38k gold. With the help of a WoW gold guide I gathered that amount in 3 days, without even leaving Orgrimmar, using only Auction House gold making methods.

3. A WoW guide for PvP will teach you all the arena and rated battleground strategies. So, if your group has difficulties in passing a certain rating level, a WoW PvP guide can help out. Plus, you will learn everything about talent builds for PvP, best openers for any class and spec, macros etc. This way you will become a super PvP player.

4. A WoW instance guide will teach you the strategies for each and every instance and raid instance boss. Not only that you’ll know what to do on every encounter, you will also become a reliable raid leader. And being the raid leader has plenty of benefits. For example, you can reserve items for yourself.

5. Lastly, a WoW guide for macros and keybindings like the one I’ve been using will give you direct access to the macros and keybindings of the elite World of Warcraft players. Using the optimized keybindings of the pros, you will gain a super speed of reaction in arena and you will be able to score a super DPS in raids, by maintaining steady and complete spell and combat style rotations.


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